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Through its professionals GVA makes every effort to help companies gain a better understanding of their
external environment and their internal organisation in order to optimise their development strategy.

Our businesses:

Consultancy: the “booster” of your corporate strategy

GVA accompanies leaders in their management tasks and provides advice for the major projects that mark the company’s life

The life of a company consists in strategic choices: invest, innovate, export, recruit, create, sell …. The operation of the business must adapt at all levels: financial, legal, tax, managerial … GVA helps you to fulfil these projects and minimise your risks.

Our missions

  • Development and support for setting up consolidated or combined accounts
  • Organisational audit, implementation of internal controls
  • Executive coaching, management and communication training
  • Tax arrangements and studies
  • Search for partners

Any group with annual sales of over 30 million is obliged to present consolidated financial statements.


Joint financial statements for a single source of information

Either for external growth or for internal development, consolidation is an essential management tool for groups and a useful element for external reporting. The consolidation brings together all the accounts of different entities and provides decision makers with data summarizing the activity and the actual performance of a group to facilitate decision making.


Our missions

  • Preparing consolidated accounts (French standards or IFRS for listed or international companies).
  • Technical assistance to consolidation companies (implementing consolidation service with the customer, training, technical support).
  • Outsourcing of consolidation experts in the case where customers require temporary personnel (holidays, illness etc.).
  • Preparing joint accounts according to the specific needs associated with your business environment.

Secure your accounting flows and ensure information quality

Our dedicated teams of professionals have twofold business/systems skills. They advise and accompany management in order to optimise information systems, manage risk, secure data consistency and achieve greater efficiency in order to help you better adapt to your changing environment.


Our missions

  • Managing the risks associated with information systems
  • Controlling IT costs
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Protecting access to sensitive information
  • Improving operating practices between different departments
  • Securing systems in line with industry laws and regulations
  • Validating the settings of logistics, order control and ERP packages.

Coaching for improving operational performance

To build an ambitious and innovative strategy, GVA accompanies management decision-making in areas such as corporate steering, performance improvement (budgets, dashboards, accounting, calculating cost price, …).

Our missions

  • Preparing business plans, financing plans, dashboard reports
  • Organisational audit, implementation of internal controls
  • Executive coaching, management and communication training
  • Tax arrangements and studies
  • Search for partners

Solutions for improving and optimising the future

When defining the employment status of executives, choosing remuneration means or resolving social or tax issues, GVA remains at your side to assist you, anticipate the future and advise you with your asset related decisions.


Our missions

  • Monitoring the financial, legal and taxation aspects of asset management
  • Anticipating the actions to take for optimizing the transmission of assets
  • Helping to draw up a balance of assets for executives using an inter-professional approach
  • Accompanying executives in their choice of legal, tax and social regimes, and finding the balance between salary and dividends
  • Organizing the private and professional wealth of executives for inheritance and tax purposes
  • Real estate management: choice of acquisition structure, finding the right funding for the operation, business plan for the duration of the loan, technical optimisation by dividing-up corporate property.

High-end partners to overcome your challenges

GVA is surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of specialists and lawyers to ensure the success of its legal and tax assignments, assist its clients in their growth and cope with both common and extraordinary events.


Our missions

  • Corporate law, Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • French and international tax law
  • International mobility
  • Transfer pricing
  • Contract law
  • Business litigation
  • Prevention and treatment of difficulties
  • Transition and Restructuring management

Guarantee social management to ensure operational performance

GVA proactively monitors the social strategy of its clients in order to adapt to permanent modifications in employment law and collective bargaining agreements affecting their business. Whether it is to provide a social diagnosis or manage holiday pay, reduction of work hours or retirement … GVA and its dedicated teams can provide advice and implement tailor-made tools for securing human capital.


Our missions

  • Audit assistance missions
  • Organisation missions
  • Monitoring skills and development of training plans
  • Establishment of a remuneration systems: profit-sharing, employee savings
  • Career reconstruction procedures
  • Help with retirement, severance, disability and social action proceedings
  • Support for social contributions matters
  • Processing social security applications
  • Assistance assignments concerning the employee’s relationship with the company



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