Your needs in:
In these key corporate moments your needs include the incorporation specific skills and the coordination of operations.
Our businesses:

Strategic coaching for measured growth

Certain crucial events in the life of a company must be taken alongside knowledgeable professionals and with their guidance.

Our teams of specialists, with their knowledge and expertise in legal and tax packages together with financial and assets management, are the ideal partners, in close relationship with other consultants (lawyers, investment funds, bankers, …), for ensuring secure and optimal conditions in these operations.

GVA, with its skills and experience, is ideally positioned
to meet the following needs :

  • Appraisal
  • Due diligence
  • Preparing Business Plans

A key stage in Merger and Acquisition procedures

The aim is to obtain a X-ray of the target company that will allow the buyer to better understand its mode of operation and to validate the financial data provided by the seller.


Our missions:

Buyer due diligence: performing external growth operations


  • Acquisition audit
  • Analysing the risks and constraints of the operation
  • Optimising and securing the transaction
  • Contributing to the structuring of the transaction and its translation into accounts
  • Identifying key areas of risk and/or opportunities, whether they are financial, IT, operational or strategic, but also fiscal, legal, social and environmental


Vendor due diligence: selling a business or stake


  • Optimising the sale of a business and ensuring the control of the process
  • Anticipating possible difficulties and minimising the risk of failure of the transaction
  • Maximising the sale price
  • Reducing negotiation times
  • Establishing Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)

Start-ups, SMEs or intermediate-sized companies, the business plan or forecast is an essential step in a creation or takeover of a company and an essential element for presenting to financial partners.

GVA supports you in your efforts to clearly define the project, to make investments encrypt, mount the overall funding and establish the estimated operating account.


Our missions

  • Analysing the future profitability of new businesses
  • Establishing operating and cash flow budgets
  • Assessing funding needs
  • Preparing the business plan and financing plan

Measuring value to secure strategic future decisions.

In the context of investment projects or business mergers, it is essential to have reliable and objective information on the value of the companies studied. Indeed, whatever the purpose of the project, its success will be linked to the accurate appraisal of assets, liabilities and synergies.


Our missions

  • Assessing the business including the assets and liabilities it holds
  • Analysing and modelling investment projects
  • Appraising forecasts and related data
  • Securing funding models



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