Your company:
To strengthen public confidence in the annual and consolidated financial statements of public interest entities (PIEs),
the auditors at GVA perform these legal and contractual tasks with transparency and impartiality.
Your needs:

In France, the definition of public interest entity [IEP] includes financial institutions, insurance companies, listed companies, mutual structures, public fundraising entities and organisations relying on public generosity (including certain associations).
A complex business sector, PIEs require close and trustworthy collaboration, with thorough and professional attention to their needs.

GVA’s teams accompany you and secure your financial information while looking after your tax, legal and social interests. And, in particular:

  • Quality and reliability of financial information,
  • Financial reporting performance
  • Risk prevention and management
  • Protecting interests
  • Success of special operations
  • Improving operational performance

For a high quality of service

Today, more than ever, the work of statutory auditors requires greater integration and the anticipation of many changes.


For our auditors, these missions involve thorough monitoring of the services rendered. Once hired to perform this statutory task, GVA is committed to issue an opinion based on the risk assessment, the quality of internal controls, and validation of the accounting data and financial information submitted.


In acknowledgement of the challenges and issues specific to each sector, GVA has developed sector-specific skills honed for the industrial, financial, distribution, service, new technology, environment, social and humanitarian sectors…

When performing capital increases or in mergers, demergers and spin-offs, GVA accompanies you with all the legal duties required for statutory merger and share audits. The role of the shares auditor is to appraise:
The value of contributions to ensure they are not overvalued
– The specific benefits to be gained from such operations.

The auditor’s mission is guided by standards that define both the nature of the procedures to be implemented, the report format to be issued and the deadlines.



  • Obtain and analyse all the legal and financial documentation related to the operation
  • Appraise the value of contributions as well as the specific benefits during such operations
  • Check that the relative valuesassigned to the shares or stakes in the companies involved in the transaction are relevant and that the exchange ratio is fair.

Our missions

  • Share auditor
  • Merger auditor
  • Specific benefits auditor
  • Assets and liabilities auditor

A key stage in Merger and Acquisition procedures

The aim is to obtain a X-ray of the target company that will allow the buyer to better understand its mode of operation and to validate the financial data provided by the seller.


Our missions:

Buyer due diligence: performing external growth operations


  • Acquisition audit
  • Analysing the risks and constraints of the operation
  • Optimising and securing the transaction
  • Contributing to the structuring of the transaction and its translation into accounts
  • Identifying key areas of risk and/or opportunities, whether they are financial, IT, operational or strategic, but also fiscal, legal, social and environmental


Vendor due diligence: selling a business or stake


  • Optimising the sale of a business and ensuring the control of the process
  • Anticipating possible difficulties and minimising the risk of failure of the transaction
  • Maximising the sale price
  • Reducing negotiation times
  • Establishing Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)

Any group with annual sales of over 30 million is obliged to present consolidated financial statements.


Joint financial statements for a single source of information

Either for external growth or for internal development, consolidation is an essential management tool for groups and a useful element for external reporting. The consolidation brings together all the accounts of different entities and provides decision makers with data summarizing the activity and the actual performance of a group to facilitate decision making.


Our missions

  • Preparing consolidated accounts (French standards or IFRS for listed or international companies).
  • Technical assistance to consolidation companies (implementing consolidation service with the customer, training, technical support).
  • Outsourcing of consolidation experts in the case where customers require temporary personnel (holidays, illness etc.).
  • Preparing joint accounts according to the specific needs associated with your business environment.

Measuring value to secure strategic future decisions.

In the context of investment projects or business mergers, it is essential to have reliable and objective information on the value of the companies studied. Indeed, whatever the purpose of the project, its success will be linked to the accurate appraisal of assets, liabilities and synergies.


Our missions

  • Assessing the business including the assets and liabilities it holds
  • Analysing and modelling investment projects
  • Appraising forecasts and related data
  • Securing funding models



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