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Payroll and social management are tasks that can be outsourced by your company.
GVA offers business solutions to save you time, minimise your risks and optimise your costs.

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Meet your obligations with secure tools

With a dedicated team, you benefit from enhanced protection against financial and social risks. From the employment contract to the design of monthly payrolls and regular social security returns, GVA helps you improve your payroll management whatever your business, headcount or location.

Coaching at every stage

Preparing pay slips, identifying potential recruitment tools, satisfying your requirements while respecting your collective bargaining agreements and implement new regulations … many complex tasks and deadlines that can be entrusted to a an expert.

Example missions

  • Managing contracts relating to employment law: employment contract, profit sharing, incentives agreements, etc … in cooperation with your lawyers if necessary
  • Preparing pay slips, transfer orders and social security returns
  • Ensuring the reliability, security and timeliness of payroll data
  • Assisting the company in managing its staff including compliance with social obligations
  • Helping the company to improve its wage policies
  • Managing the variable payroll elements: holiday pay, reduction of hours, bonus, etc …

Outsourcing your company’s payroll

By outsourcing payroll management to GVA, you are trusting in a team of experts who can handle complex tasks that are essential for internal social relations; giving your company greater security and more time to devote to your core business.

Real value for your business

When setting up a company or implementing a policy change, GVA accompanies you to help you build a social strategy that ensures profitability and sustainable growth. An audit of the existing or future status, will allow current social legislation and any planned changes to be contemplated. At the heart of GVA, there is a “social” expert who is dedicated to your business to give you regular advice and personalised solutions. Given the complexity of French law, French and foreign companies frequently turn to our social consultancy services when contemplating international expansion.

Corporate social responsibility

Aware of the need to develop employee skills, Human Resources Management is now one of the key functions for companies. In addition its payroll services and thanks to its dedicated team, GVA can also advise you on managing the human capital of your company, facilitating social dialogue, managing health and safety issues, working hours consultancy, and providing policy advice according to changing situations.


Example missions

  • Recruitment and integration advice
  • Wage policy advice
  • Career management and skills advice
  • Performance evaluation advice
  • Temporary replacement of internal HR manager
  • Implementing staff representation bodies
  • Conducting social audits
  • Social treatment of stock options and free shares



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