Your company:
As a foreign company, you need an effective organisation to improve the performance of your company management and adaptation strategies.
From financial reporting to tax assessment or human resources, GVA will accompany you in your efforts.
Your needs:

Establishing a foreign company in France is one of the key steps in its development. For the company to comply with the multiple obligations applicable in France, a dedicated team, adapted to the international environment, provides accurate and reliable proactive support.

GVA, through its membership as an independent member of the international UHY network is a point of reference point for foreign entities wishing to settle a business in France. We carry out accounting, tax, social and administrative missions for foreign subsidiaries to ensure that the back office meets the requirements of the parent company.

Our missions

  • Assisting the company to achieve compliance with its obligations in France and those of its group (administrative, accounting, social, tax and legal advice and support …)
  • Supporting the company throughout its development in France
  • Assistance in the creation of the appropriate legal structure
  • Bookkeeping and preparing annual accounts
  • Preparing payslips and associated returns
  • Preparing or reviewing group reporting
  • Interface with parent company
  • Advice throughout the evolution of the French entity

The International Business Services (IBS) offers a line of multi-disciplinary Accountancy services dedicated to branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies that relocate or expand their business in France.

Our teams work in an international, and therefore multilingual, environment and have mastered different accounting standards (IFRS, US or UK GAAP).

Our national and international missions

  • Facilitating the establishment of foreign companies in France and French companies abroad (liaison offices, branches, subsidiaries, etc. …); creating the appropriate legal structure
  • Assisting the company to achieve compliance with the obligations of the host country and those of the group (administrative, accounting, social, tax and legal advice and support …)
  • Supporting the company throughout its development in France but also abroad
  • Preparing “group” reporting according to IFRS or US/UK GAAP standards
  • Ensuring compatibility of parent company accounts with statutory French accounting requirements
  • Multi-faceted advice throughout the evolution of the French entity

Meet your obligations with secure tools

With a dedicated team, you benefit from enhanced protection against financial and social risks. From the employment contract to the design of monthly payrolls and regular social security returns, GVA helps you improve your payroll management whatever your business, headcount or location.


Coaching at every stage

Preparing pay slips, identifying potential recruitment tools, satisfying your requirements while respecting your collective bargaining agreements and implement new regulations … many complex tasks and deadlines that can be entrusted to a an expert.


Example missions

  • Managing contracts relating to employment law: employment contract, profit sharing, incentives agreements, etc … in cooperation with your lawyers if necessary
  • Preparing pay slips, transfer orders and social security returns.
  • Ensuring the reliability, security and timeliness of payroll data
  • Assisting the company in managing its staff including compliance with social obligations
  • Helping the company to improve its wage policies
  • Managing the variable payroll elements: holiday pay, reduction of hours, bonus, etc …

High-end partners to overcome your challenges

GVA is surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of specialists and lawyers to ensure the success of its legal and tax assignments, assist its clients in their growth and cope with both common and extraordinary events.


Our missions

  • Corporate law, Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • French and international tax law
  • International mobility
  • Transfer pricing
  • Contract law
  • Business litigation
  • Prevention and treatment of difficulties
  • Transition and Restructuring management



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