Expert Consulting &Legal Assistance.

Helping to make your financial information more reliable, more secure and simpler for specific issues of accounting, tax compliance, digitisation, reporting and legal assistance

Every day, our clients are confronted with accounting, taxation, HR and legal constraints. GVA provides them with the necessary resources adapted to their changing needs, in line with their time requirements. GVA strives to be operational and reliable in order to optimise your management and ensure your security in a trust-based relationship.

GVA provides them with the necessary resources adapted to their changing needs, in line with their time requirements. GVA strives to be operational and reliable in order to optimise your management and ensure your security in a trust-based relationship. Thanks to our knowledge and understanding of your line of business, our multi-disciplinary teams can provide you with the necessary resources that suit your needs.

Beyond strict compliance with legal obligations, we also provide easy-to-use, collaborative digital tools that will simplify work for your finance department: secure network space, collaborative payroll management, expense account management tools, quote and invoice tool, purchasing process workflow tool (from assertion of a need to payment). We put all these solutions at your disposal for greater ease and productivity.

Chartered accountancy

Legal assistance

Tax-related assistance

Employment, payroll and HR consulting

Support for SSE entities

Operational assistance for finance departments

Management companies and investment entities

Administrative management



mid-market companies and major corporations

Chartered accountancy.

We offer a range of tailor-made services to suit your needs. The various services we perform can take different forms.

  • Total outsourcing
    We can take charge of your accounting, valuation and preparation of tax returns, preparation of pay statements and related contributions, and preparation of legal documentation. These services are implemented after definition of an organisation, document collection procedures and deliverables at a frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.) that we define together with you
  • Assistance with approval of financial statements
    We provide support to your accounting team for complex accounting operations and implementingHR audits
  • Assistance fortax issues
  • Assistance for digitisation of flows (purchases, sales, expense accounts, banks)
  • Assistance for optimisation of month-end close procedures
GVA - Expert Consulting

Legal assistance.

Our teams are made up of specialists in specific fields to meet your expectations and support you in your business projects.

We offer operational solutions that save time, minimise your risks and optimise costs.
Whatever the size of our company, managing employer-employee relations is essential for your business and its growth. You’ll benefit from our expertise in an area where legislation changes daily.
Our areas of expertise address the private sector for both French and international companies.

Our teams are made up of experienced legal experts and consultants who are bilingual (French-English) and specialise in business law. They’ll support you every day in your business, enabling you to focus on your core activities.

GVA provides you with business law support

  • Creating your company
  • Choosing the legal structure
  • Drafting the memorandum and articles of association
  • Opening your capital to new shareholders/partners via the sale of stock shares or an increase in capital (free share allocation, gifts, etc.)
  • Shareholders’/partners’ agreement
  • Creating subsidiaries
  • Organising companies in a group, in particular the setting up of intra-group agreements for coordination, management, cash flow and tax-related integration
  • Transformation
  • Reduction in capital
  • Mergers
  • Partial contribution of assets
  • Universal transfer of assets, dissolution with liquidation
  • Approval of financial statements, submission to the registry
  • Changes to the articles of association (transfer of registered office, changes to corporate officers, etc.)
  • Organisation of shareholder/partner meetings, attendance at shareholder meetings and board meetings
Digitisation is at the heart of our activity in order to facilitate the transmission and electronic signature of documents.

Tax-related assistance.

Our specialists can support you with the following:

  • Preparation and verification of tax returns: VAT, corporate tax, corporate vehicle tax, CFE-CVAE (business rates on property and added value), distribution declaration forms, etc.
  • Optimisation of your company’s fiscal situation
  • Assistance for tax audits
  • Tax risk analysis
  • Establishment of robust audit trails
GVA - Legal assistance

Support for stakeholders in the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Our experienced, dedicated team provide support for stakeholders in the Social and Solidarity Economy.

We have all the competencies needed to support you in this area. We also work with recognised specialists in the SSE sector.

Our teams can cover all your needs and expectations in terms of contract auditing (USAID for which GVA is accredited, DFID, NIH, EuropeAid, AFD, CDC, etc.), statutory auditing and expert consulting.

GVA - Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Outsourcing of accounting
  • New reference standard (ANC No. 2018-06)
  • Establishment of combined financial statements
  • Reconciliation, mergers and restructuring
  • Financial transparency: CROD (P&L statement by origin and destination), CER (income and expenditure statement) and appendix
  • Valuation of donations in kind
  • Internal control
  • Information systems
  • Digitalisation
  • Management assistance: analytical accounting, budget monitoring, establishment of financial reports for backers
  • Etc.

Management companies and investment entities.

Thanks to our extensive experience with leading investment funds in France, we handle accounting, tax and administrative missions for management companies as well as the pay statement preparation mission.

We support investment entities in keeping their accounting, calculating net asset values and filing tax returns (IFU – single tax return). We monitor investment, tax and contractual ratios and handle some types of reporting (AIFM, AMPERE).

We have well-established knowledge of investment companies that have opted for the venture capital company tax status (SCR).

Our Transaction Services department can support you for independent valuations.

GVA - investment entities


In the Seed, Series A, B or C phases, we provide you with support to transform your breakthrough idea into a mature company.

Thanks to the experience of our teams and their knowledge of the needs of fast-growing companies, we can support at all stages of your growth.

GVA - Start-up
  • Providing accounting, tax and HR services, with cash flow monitoring
  • Support in preparing monthly reports and in monitoring/analysing KPIs
  • Support in the formalities needed to obtain JEI (Young Innovative Company) status
  • Support for your fundraising efforts
  • Support in structuring your accounting department

Operational assistance
for finance departments.

Temporary staffing in accounting and finance departments for peak periods, holidays and replacements.

To prevent any destabilisation of your teams, we can respond to your needs for positions requiring varied qualification levels. Our teams have experience in dealing with change management situations and in providing support for complex accounting subjects.

GVA - Operational assistance for finance departments

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