Transaction Services.

Support for transactions, financial valuation and wealth management

Our experienced Transaction Services teams provide their expertise in the following specialisations:

  • Business valuation
  • Support for transactions as part of acquisitions or sales (VDD)
  • Support for fundraising operations
  • Financial and operational advice in turnaround and refinancing contexts
  • Review of business plans and forecasted cash flows
  • Wealth management

These specialisations support management teams and finance departments for valuation and mergers auditing, due diligence, asset valuation and business valuation for sales or impairment tests.

Specific due diligence for sales

Specific due diligence for acquisitions

Regulatory missions


Independent Business Review

Support for fundraising operations

Wealth management

Specific due diligence for sales.

  • Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)
  • Assistance in preparing a business plan (BP)
  • Valuation mission and assistance in preparing a company presentation dossier: teaser/information memorandum
  • Search for investors: industrial companies, investment funds, LBOs
  • Assistance for negotiations and completing the transaction
GVA Groupe Alpha - Your needs - Specific due diligence for sales

Specific due diligencefor sales.

  • Critical analysis of the vendor’s BP
  • Critical approach to transaction price and counterproposals (buyer-side valuation)
  • Critical analysis of the information memorandum
  • Preparation of the finance documents: buyer-side BP, financial plan, projected cash flow
  • Assistance in financing the transaction, contacts and participation in negotiations with financial institutions and/or investment funds, LBOs
  • Valuation of identifiable assets entering the scope of consolidation (PPA): valuation of customer relationships, copyrights, patents and brands, etc.
GVA Groupe Alpha - Your needs - Specific due diligence for acquisitions

Other missions Transactions services.

Legal restructuring:

  • Missions on partial contribution of assets, merger auditing
  • Contribution of isolated assets and valuation of goodwill, clientele and other intangible items
  • Special benefits auditing, verification of assets and liabilities

Legal expertise

  • Creation holding companies, contribution of shares
  • Search for investors, introduction of new shareholders, LBOs, etc.
  • Business combinations
  • Financial and strategic analysis
  • Establishment of a business plan, financial plan, cash flow variation table, determination of WCR
  • Establish operating and cash flow budgets, and assess working capital requirements
  • Establish the business plan and financial plan
  • Quantify working capital requirements
  • Identify suitable financial partners
  • Evaluate the company and its assets and liabilities
  • Secure financing models

Succession, transfer to children

  • Valuation of company assets and shares for succession and/or gifting purposes
  • Assistance for notaries: Dutreil Pact

Real estate division:

  • Restructuring of real estate divisions
  • Real estate strategy: separation of property, corporate securities, building lease
  • Divestiture of corporate real estate
  • Financial structuring of real estate transactions

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